Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study

by Steve Midgett

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I wanted to take the opportunity to give you the rundown on this completely FREE online version of my book,
Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study. I will be releasing it in chapter posts over the next few months (please subscribe for updates). All of the original content will be available, plus I will be adding additional content, both by me and by other leading Mokume Gane artists, in the NEW LAYERS sections at the bottom of each post. I truly hope this book, along with the discussions in the comments below will become a valuable resource for all metalsmiths, jewelers and knifemakers to learn, share and engage on the subject of Mokume Gane.

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Chapter I: The History of Mokume Gane
Part 1: Development of Mokume in Japan
New Layers: Tiffany Mokume?
Part 2: Mokume in the West
New Layers: David Barnhill and David Huang, An Artistic Collaboration

Chapter II: Mokume Gane Basics — An Overview of Bonding Methods

Chapter III: Metals for Mokume — Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum Alloys, and How to Alloy Your Own

Chapter IV: Metallurgical Theory for Mokume Gane — Understanding Metals and How They Bond

Chapter V: Tools and Equipment — Necessary Tools for Mokume Gane
New Layers: Tool Talk

Chapter VI: Preparing the Billet — Planning and Preparing a Billet for Firing

Chapter VII: Firing Methods
Part 1: Making and Firing a Mokume Mini Kiln
Part 2: Forge Fired Mokume Gane by Robert Coogan
Part 3: Electric Kiln Fired Mokume by James Binnion
Part 4: Solder Bonded Mokume by Alistair McCallum

Chapter VIII: From Billet to Sheet

Chapter IX: Patterning — Patterning Techniques for Mokume

Chapter X: Finishing Techniques — Texture and Color

Project Demonstrations — Step by Step
Project 1: Mokume Accent Ring
Project 2: Cast Inlay Ring
Project 3: Fabricated Mokume Band
Project 4: Gouge Patterned Pin
Project 5: Twist Patterned Bracelet

Afterword, Troubleshooting Guide, Bibliography, Resources

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