Q: Does your Damascus ever rust or corrode, especially if it's regularly exposed to salt water?

A: The simple answer is no, our rings will never rust or corrode. We use two of the best marine stainless alloys, which are not affected by everyday activities, including frequent dips in salt water. They also pass European nickel release standards, unlike many lower quality stainless alloys. One of the keys to keep any stainless from corroding is that it be properly heat treated. Each one of our rings are individually heat treated to impart maximum corrosion resistance. 

Q: How long after purchasing will I get my ring?

A: Our standard lead time to make and ship a ring is 4-5 weeks from purchase. Rings are then shipped using the service of your choice, with FedEx Economy Express being our default. If you need your ring sooner you may upgrade the shipping to overnight service, or we offer two levels of Rush Delivery options to guarantee shipping in either one or two weeks. Click the link above to purchase.

Precious metal mokume gane rings and special order rings (ones that require a custom listing) may take up to 8 weeks to complete and ship to you.  Please keep this in mind as you are planning the arrival time of your ring.

Q: How do I know what my size is?

A: The best way we have found to get the most accurate sizing information is to try on real rings. All of our rings are made with a comfort fit inner band. Comfort fit bands feel different than standard bands, so make sure you try on comfort fit bands when you get sized. We also suggest trying on sizing rings of a width similar to what you are purchasing. It's a good idea to get sized by several reputable jewelers until you begin to see a consensus of your correct size. If you want the assurance that your new wedding band will be sized to perfection, we recommend confirming your ring size by purchasing a set of sizing bands from us here .

Q. What ring width should I order?

A. The width of the band you order is a personal preference, and you are the most qualified person to decide. That being said, we can give you a little guidance based on our years of experience making wedding bands anywhere from 3 to 10mm wide.

Men's bands are easier, so let's start there. Most men end up ordering a 7mm or 8mm wide wedding band. For plain precious metal rings, 6mm is the standard. However, men who order Damascus or Mokume Gane rings often want to show it off, so they tend to order slightly wider bands. If you took all the band widths ordered from us and plotted them on a graph, you'd get a nice bell curve with the 7mm wide band in the middle. If your ring size is either smaller or larger than the average (about a 9.5) you may want to adjust the width of your order accordingly. Personal style can affect your choice as well. Do you like to stand out, and want a ring that will attract a lot of attention? If so, we recommend a wider band.  Want something more subtle that's just for your own enjoyment? You may want to consider a narrower band.

Women tend to order a much wider range of widths than men. We get special requests for as narrow as 2mm and as wide as 10. Most women go for a 4 or 5mm wide band, but many choose something even wider. A lot will depend on whether you plan to wear the band next to an engagement ring, or by itself. If it's to be worn by itself you may very well want to go with something on the wide side. If you're wearing it with an engagement ring, a narrower, or custom fitted band that nests right up next to your engagement ring may be just the ticket. One thing to remember is that the pattern of the ring will show more on a wider band. For most patterns, we recommend a 4mm or wider band. Ring size, and personal style should also be considered as outlined above.

Q: What is the difference between Mokume Gane, Damascus Steel?

A: There are many similarities, and a couple of differences. Both are made of contrasting metals, that are welded together using great heat and pressure. Both materials are then manipulated by a series of carving, forging, and twisting operations to create the patterns you see on the surface of the ring. Damascus Steel refers to material that is made like this using iron alloys (i.e. steel and stainless steel). Mokume Gane refers to patterned metals that contain only non-ferrous metals, or alloys other than those containing iron. STEVEN JACOB utilizes unique proprietary methods that we have developed over the last decade, that allow us to develop extremely complex and precise patterns.  We routinely use metals that cannot be worked by conventional means, and this ability is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from other makers.  

Q: Do you use copper in your rings?

A: We NEVER use copper, brass, carbon steel, wood, bone, epoxy, or other inferior materials, which are not suitable for a wedding band that you plan to wear for the rest of your life. Our rings are made from premium durable materials that will not corrode, tarnish or react with your skin.

Q: What is a "comfort fit" ring?

A: Comfort Fit is the common name for the contour of the inside of a wedding band. Instead of being straight or flat, like the inside of a section of tubing (as seen from one edge of the ring to the other, a comfort fit ring is slightly domed on the inside.  This means the diameter of the inside at the edges of the ring is slightly larger than on the centerline of the ring. This slightly rounded shape, on the inside of the band, makes it more comfortable to wear. This, in combination with our generously rounded edges, makes our rings the most comfortable you can buy.

Q: Are your rings hypoallergenic?

A: Any of our rings made with space age metals- like titanium, zirconium, and tantalum- are completely hypoallergenic. Our Damascus is made from high quality alloys that meet or exceed European nickel release standards. A very small percentage of people have sensitivities to certain precious metals. Let us know if you have ever had problems wearing certain metals, and we can advise you on the perfect ring for you.

Q: How can I customize my ring?

A: We love custom orders! Just let us know your heart's desire. The best way to start is by sending us a sketch and description of your idea. We will then work with you to design the ring of your dreams. 

Q: I love my ring! Is there some other way I can thank you?

A: You have already given us the biggest compliment we could ever want by choosing one of our rings to wear for the rest of your life. Thank you!!! If you want to do something else, help spread the word about our work.  Please share on Facebook, or create a link from your wedding website to ours. Any Pins, Tweets, or shot-out's on Instagram are also really appreciated – we love to hear from our happy customers!