Terms of Service

We are dedicated to providing the best Mokume Gane and Damascus rings available. All work is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. If there is a problem with either, we will fix or replace the product at no charge. 

Rings that have been subject to uncommon chemical environments or abuse, are void of warranty. The materials in our Titanium/Zirconium Mokume rings are considered inert, and used in medical implants. We guarantee they will not cause allergic reactions, and that they will not discolor your finger, rust, or corrode. Our Damascus Steel passes European nickel release standards, and will not discolor, rust or corrode. In our Mokume Gane we use only top quality precious metal alloys, however, we cannot be responsible for unusual sensitivities to precious metals. We will, however, work with you to find a solution should you have a reaction to one of the metals in your ring. Most commonly this will mean lining the inside of the ring with an inert metal.  

Each of our rings are handmade to order. Pairs of rings are made from the same billet, and closely match. You can, however, expect the pattern on each ring to have a unique "fingerprint".

The customer is responsible for providing their accurate ring size. If we make a mistake and provide a ring at a size other than the one ordered, we will size or replace the ring at no charge. If the customer orders the wrong size, resizing and return shipping charges will apply. All of our rings have a comfort fit interior which is rounded for a more comfortable fit. We measure the size of each band based on the actual inside diameter of the ring, which for a comfort fit band is on the centerline of the ring.