Damascus Stainless Steel Women's Wedding Band Domed | REFLECTIONS

Damascus Stainless Steel Women's Wedding Band Domed | REFLECTIONS

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The exquisite Damascus pattern of our REFLECTIONS domed women's ring, is a beautiful blend of balance, and symmetry. It follows in the Japanese tradition of the "beauty of nature's imperfection", with an organic design element which repeats on each quadrant of the ring. The pattern of each REFLECTIONS band is skillfully forged and coaxed out of a solid piece of our patented stainless Damascus steel. It is unrivaled for its intentional design, amazing ergonomics, and superior metals. For the best of what Damascus steel can be, look no further than our REFLECTIONS domed band.

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REFLECTIONS bands also come in matching men's sizes.

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This REFLECTIONS ring can be customized with a liner in the metal of your choice. It's easy to do and adds a design element that will make your ring truly stand apart. Click one of the metal choices below to add a liner to this band:

14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold  |  18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold  |  Palladium  |  Platinum  |  Tantalum  |  Silver

We are committed to using precious metals and gems from responsible sources. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about where the materials for your ring come from. View certificate here.



REFLECTIONS is a signature Damascus pattern created by and exclusively for Steven Jacob's jewelry. It's symmetrical, mirror image patterning is made possible by a combination of our patented technology and meticulous hot forge work.  You won't see any other Damascus patterns on the market that come close to this level of pattern control, precision and beauty.

Not positive about your ring size? It's not too late to order Sizing Bands. Purchase a set in the Extras section of our shop.

My husband LOVES this ring! He never wore a ring before and he was going back and forth on if he wanted to wear one (because of work) but when he saw this ring he fell in love and wears it all the time! Thank you!!
— M.M.