SINGLE SIZING BAND | One 4mm, 6mm or 8mm Precision Ring Sizer

SINGLE SIZING BAND | One 4mm, 6mm or 8mm Precision Ring Sizer


Need one more sizing band? Add this item to your cart to order one more ring sizer. Our brushed finished, comfort fit, sizing band is made from quality stainless steel and are precision sized by Steve or Jacob to insure your wedding ring fits you perfectly, the first time!

Identifying your proper size is definitely the most difficult part of buying a wedding ring. Many jewelry stores use cheap, thin, (and even plastic) sizing bands to determine your size. There is huge room for error in this. More specifically, the bands used are not always precision. Differences in width will make them fit differently than the wider or narrower band you plan to have us make for you. A standard fit band will feel tighter on your finger than a comfort fit band. We have also observed that if a jewelry store knows that you won't be purchasing a ring from them, they don't work as hard to determine your actual size. Lastly, your fingers can swell and shrink over the course of the day depending on the weather, your activity level and even what you eat/drink.

For these reasons we suggest confirming your ring size with our sizing bands after your initial sizing at a local jewelry store. After you receive them we suggest trying them on to find the one that fits best, and then wear it for a couple of days. This will allow it to "settle in" and give you the most accurate measurement that will result in years of comfortable wear.

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• If you find that you are in between two sizes, don't worry, we offer 1/4 sizes! 

• If you have any questions about this process contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

• By purchasing our sizing bands you are NOT locked into purchasing a ring from us. We just want to help you determine your correct size and hopefully earn your business in the process.

• You can absolutely purchase your ring at the same time as the sizing bands. Just give us the size you've already been measured at, and after you get and have a chance to wear the sizing bands, confirm your correct size with us in a message.

• Ships Free in the US of A!!!