FIRE OXIDE | Dark Pattern Contrast on any Damascus Band

FIRE OXIDE | Dark Pattern Contrast on any Damascus Band


Adding our dark Fire Oxide finish to your ring will amp up the contrast and make a bold statement on your Damascus band. It is achieved by growing an oxide down into the surface of the recessed areas of the pattern. The interior of the ring will still have the same luxurious polished finish (with Shadow Etch) as our standard Damascus bands. Our default Fire Oxide treatment is dark. If you would like a lighter gray oxide finish for your band, please request this in a note to us during Checkout.

This item can be added to any regular Damascus pattern you see on our site. Just purchase this item along with your ring and we will take care of the rest. This addition of this finish will definitely take your already awesome ring to the next level!

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Many other brands offer a similar looking finish on their rings. Most of these are created through a chemical (acid finish) process that only temporarily darkens the surface of their rings. While this looks good, it can wear off quickly.  This is why STEVEN JACOB has developed a proprietary red hot, molten salt process to oxidize our bands. But that's only half of the story.  The other part often overlooked by makers who do not create their own material, is to develop the proper balance of the raised and recessed areas of a pattern.  If the recessed areas of the pattern are broad, and the raised areas narrow, the recessed darkened parts of the pattern are very exposed and easily worn away.  STEVEN JACOB Damascus rings give you optimum pattern balance, etch depth, to keep your durable dark oxide looking good for decades.