Who is Steven Jacob?


Expanding the limits of Damascus Steel and Mokume Gane Jewelry

Steve and Jacob enjoying a laugh at the Boulder Studio.

Steve and Jacob enjoying a laugh at the Boulder Studio.

passion, innovation and the Family business of mixed metals

We are Steven Jacob, a father and son collaboration with over 50 years of combined experience with Damascus Steel rings and Mokume Gane wedding bands. “Dad,” as I call him, is an award winning jewelry designer and mad scientist when it comes to metals, while my largest contribution to our company is simply being a millennial. Steven Jacob was founded in 2012 on several core principles that we feel have been responsible for our success and rapid growth since that time.

  1. First and foremost, it is our commitment to make the most thoughtfully designed and finely crafted patterned metal rings in the world. Our passion for this work runs deep and begins by forging all of our Mokume Gane and Damascus Steel in house. We use hard earned and proprietary methods to make patterned metal rings that are as unique as the clients who wear them. The huge variety of woodgrain, flowing water, symmetrical and geometric patterns we offer are a testament to our commitment to push the boundaries of pattern development. Our Damascus Steel and Mokume Gane are created solely for our jewelry, you will never find us repurposing knife making Damascus Steel for our rings!

  2. At Steven Jacob we believe a wedding ring should be made to last a lifetime, and we design every aspect of our rings to do just that. From the raw materials we source to our uncompromising attention to detail, we are deliberate in every aspect. Beyond using premium materials there are a surprising number of factors that must be considered when creating a great patterned metal wedding band. These include pattern density, etch depth, color contrast, durability, comfort, safety and whether or not the material can be resized. All of these things and more are optimized for every ring we make, and we have a great warranty to back it up. Call or write to us, and you will quickly learn that we care much more about quality and customer satisfaction than just making a sale. Our rings may not be for everyone, but we want everyone who wears one to be absolutely stoked about it!
  3. Every Steven Jacob wedding ring is Made By Hands™, our hands. While our work requires a lot of tools and machines, we believe modern computer controlled machines are no match for the coordinated hand and eye of a dedicated craftsman when it comes to rings as nuanced as ours. Hand skills are quickly disappearing from our increasingly automated world, but we are committed to continuing the legacy of fine craftsmanship and passing that knowledge on. We use our skills to fine tune the pattern of each ring as we slowly bring it to life, so when complete, it will be a meaningful and inspiring symbol of your love and commitment for life.
Dad thinks my shop is way too nice for a first studio, I'd have to agree;)

Dad thinks my shop is way too nice for a first studio, I'd have to agree;)

Making Damascus Steel rings with Shared Vision

Many people ask us what it’s like to work as a father and son team. Building this business together has been the most rewarding and also the most challenging project either of us have ever done. Some days we feel lucky our studios are 1,500 miles apart, but mostly we have a great time being in daily contact while collaborating to innovate, design, make and educate people about our craft. We share a common vision of what we want to build, though we sometimes approach it from different angles. We have come to appreciate each other for the expertise and perspective that we both bring to our business. We are Steve and Jacob, and together we are Steven Jacob. If impeccably designed, finely crafted, handmade wedding bands are important to you, contact us to start creating your perfect ring today.

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