"Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive Study"                                      

The 160 Page Hardcover Classic by Steve Midgett

Acknowledged as the preeminent text on Mokume Gane (wood grain metal), this comprehensive book provides practical information about the many techniques and processes used to create it. From Mokume's beginnings in ancient Japan to its current renaissance in the digital age, Steve Midgett traces its history and applications. With the help of other prominent artists in the field, he provides detailed instruction for metalsmiths, jewelers, and knifemakers who want to produce their own top quality mokume. Each technique is thoroughly covered, with tips from the finest makers in the world. The text is copiously illustrated with over 150 color photos and includes 25 pages of Mokume Gane art by accomplished masters. All the technical data is here, too, with step-by-step instructions, information on metal compatibility, and firing temperatures. All this and more makes "Mokume Gane A Comprehensive Study" an essential tool for any metalworkers shop. Since its publication, the book has been printed in both German and Russian editions and is largely credited for the expansion and popularization of the technique in those countries.

Published in Russian, German and English

Published in Russian, German and English

  • Hardcover, 160 pages.
  • Bonding by gas forge, gas mini kiln, and digital electric kiln.
  • Over 150 color photos and illustrations.
  • Step by step project demonstrations.
  • Technical data, charts and resources.
  • For metalsmiths, jewelers, and knifemakers

IMPORTANT NOTE:  "Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive Study" has been out of print for for years.  We have a few new books available for purchase from the authors own collection for $395 each.  This price includes a personalized signed inscription from Steve, and a free copy of his DVD set, "Mokume Gane in the Small Shop" and free shipping.

...an artist sharing his hard-won knowledge, Midgett is personable and professional, and his enthusiasm for the subject is infectious.
— Lapidary Journal

"Mokume Gane in the Small Shop" DVD

"Mokume Gane in the Small Shop" is two hours and twenty minutes long and covers the complete mokume process first developed by metalsmith Steve Midgett. Included in the DVD are all the details you need to know to start producing top quality mokume in your own small shop! Sections included cover appropriate metals for mokume, diffusion theory; and building what Midgett calls the $10.00 Mini Kiln. Also demonstrated are step by step instructions on laminating a mokume billet, making it into sheet and a variety of patterning techniques.

  • 2 Disc DVD Set
  • Complete step by step firing instructions
  • Billet, rod and sheet patterning
  • For jewelers, metalsmith and knifemakers
  • FREE shipping
If you are at all interested in Mokume... either one will pay for itself.
— Jewelers Circular Keystone