Damascus Steel Ring Premium Patterned Domed Band | DIAMONDBACK

Damascus Steel Ring Premium Patterned Domed Band | DIAMONDBACK

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DIAMONDBACK is another premium Damascus pattern by STEVEN JACOB. Our rings start with a patented and proprietary forge welding process to create the most unique Damascus steel ever made. Each ring is then taken through a series of secondary operations to further refine the pattern and organic symmetry of the design. This bold ring design is not for everyone, but those that wear it, love it with a passion. This particular Diamondback ring has an extra deep etch, which adds a sculptural quality to this masculine wedding band.

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DIAMONDBACK bands also come in matching women's sizes.

Quarter sizes are available for this ring. If you would prefer a quarter size, please select the half size closest from the dropdown menu, and then fill out the "Quarter Size" form when you add this item to your cart.

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This DIAMONDBACK ring can be customized with a liner in the metal of your choice. It's easy to do and adds a design element that will make your ring truly stand apart. Click one of the metal choices below to add a liner to this band:

14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold  |  18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold  |  Palladium  |  Platinum  |  Tantalum  |  Silver

We are committed to using precious metals and gems from responsible sources. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about where the materials for your ring come from. View certificate here.


Try to imagine the moment a DIAMONDBACK ring comes out of the etching acid. It's been forge welded, carved, and beaten some more. It's been filed and sanded and then polished to a mirror finish.  And throughout this whole process, you've barely caught a glimpse of the pattern showing thru the fire scale, file marks, and sanding scratches.  You finally plunk it in some acid and come back a while later to find this amazing pattern emerging out of the ring. Even with the demands of the work, you can't help but stop for a moment, to just take in the amazing look of this pattern.  That is one of the many small rewards that keep us loving what we do!

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I could not be more pleased with my wedding band. It truly is the coolest ring I will ever own. Steven Jacob’s workmanship is outstanding. The fit is perfect. I cannot say enough good things about Steven Jacob. Thanks for everything!
— S.W.