Mokume Gane Ring with Raw Diamonds and Tantalum Wedding Band | TWISTED WOOD

Mokume Gane Ring with Raw Diamonds and Tantalum Wedding Band | TWISTED WOOD

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Our men's raw diamond wedding band is as much a technical masterpiece as it is a visual feast. It was created for men who do not compromise when it comes to stunning design, quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship. The foundation of the ring is hand forged and machined from pure Tantalum. This space age metal has many unique metallurgical qualities that make it the perfect metal for men's wedding rings. It has, by far, the darkest, graphite grey, metal color we have ever found with no patina or heat treatment required. It is as strong as steel, more ductile and corrosion resistant than platinum, and has the luxurious weight of 18K gold. Did we mention that it is completely hypoallergenic? Tantalum creates a striking contrast to our TWISTED WOOD Palladium and Silver Mokume Gane that boasts a flowing natural woodgrain pattern. At the center of these two elemental forces is a channel set row of natural raw diamond cube crystals accented with VS quality polished princess cut diamonds. We take many hours curating, matching, and precision setting these wonders of nature. After securing the diamonds, the whole ring is finished to perfection. Raw natural diamonds are rough, but we believe the metalwork that holds them should be as precise and exacting as if it were precision machined. That's the line that we frequently walk here at STEVEN JACOB. If you enjoy pushing the limits and living on the cutting edge of life, consider putting this elemental ring on your hand to inspire you for all the years ahead. 

All of our rough diamonds come from legitimate, conflict free sources and adhere to the Kimberley Process Certificate Scheme.

A complimentary sizing band set will be provided for domestic orders to confirm your precise ring size when you purchase this item.

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This TWISTED WOOD wedding band is available in 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm widths and matching women's sizes.

Kindly allow 6-8 weeks for the making of these special rings.


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Diamonds have many unique qualities and take form in a great variety of crystal shapes. Rough diamonds may be cubic, triangular, octahedral, dodecahedral, or perfectly round. They are the hardest substance found in nature, being four times harder than the next hardest gemstones, ruby and sapphire. When we recently lost the diamond point from our grinding wheel dressing tool, we forged one of the same kind of diamond cubes that are in this ring, back into the tool and now use it to true up our grinding wheels every week or so. Cubic diamond crystals come in an infinite variety of sizes and shapes, being perfectly square, with flat sides and sharp corners, or more rounded, like a slightly inflated cube. When we select the raw diamonds to use for a ring we start by picking only stones with high structural integrity.  We then sort by size, as both the length and height of these natural cubes must be within a few hundredths of a millimeter to fit the width and depth of the ring's channel. Lastly we choose stones with variety of color shades and surface texture to add extra visual interest to the ring. Each stone is then placed and tested against its neighbor to find the best fit and tightest orientation of the stones. The polished princess diamonds are not as deep as the cubes, so they are painstakingly and securely set at the upper edge of the channel at the level of the top of the cubes. The metal on either side of the channel is then hammered over the diamonds to permanently hold them in place. It takes great attention to detail and much patience to do this kind of exacting stone setting, but hope you agree that the results are well worth it.


We were the first jewelers in the world to begin using this amazing but demanding metal nearly 20 years ago.  Attracted by its rich dark color it offers incredible contrast combined with conventional precious metals. What we've learned about working with it could fill a book, but here are a few interesting facts.  At high forging temperatures tantalum reacts with most atmospheric gases and must be worked in a high vacuum, or under molten glass. Its crystal structure makes it extremely ductile (bendable) and it can be drawn, hammered or rolled to more than 95% of it's thickness before work hardening. Basically this means that if you try to break a tantalum wire like you'd break a coat hanger wire by bending, that it would take a very, very long time and most likely your fingers would give out first!  It is this ductility and its strength, that make it useful for protecting armored vehicles. It is also used for rocket nosecones, in cell phone electronics, and coinage.  Because tantalum is extremely inert it is used as containers and processing equipment for highly corrosive chemicals, and as biocompatible artificial joints and other medical devices. Many of tantalum's unique qualities are related to its incredible density. It is very close to both gold and platinum in weight, and wears extremely well. We believe this metal has much to offer and we are committed to continuing to push the boundaries of tantalum's uses in innovative jewelry applications.

We are committed to using precious metals and gems from responsible sources. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about where the materials for your ring come from. View certificate here.

The ring is epic. All I can say is that I am continually impressed by your craftsmanship. I am looking forward to future collaborations!
— L.E.