DARK BURL | Women's Titanium and Zirconium Mokume Square Wedding Band

DARK BURL | Women's Titanium and Zirconium Mokume Square Wedding Band

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This DARK BURL Mokume Gane ring features the natural and earthy woodgrain pattern, on a beautifully crafted square band. You will not find a more lifelike wood pattern on any ring, further enhanced by the smooth contours of the rounded square shape. STEVEN JACOB was the first (and remains the only) to utilize these difficult to work, space-age metals, made possible with our pioneering technology. Intricate design, cutting edge technology, and a rugged natural look, makes DARK BURL a wedding ring you will take pleasure in for decades.

DARK BURL titanium and black zirconium Mokume bands are also available in all men's sizes. A complimentary sizing band is provided to confirm your ring size for each square band ordered.

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This DARK BURL ring can be customized with a liner in the metal of your choice. It's easy to do and adds a design element that will make your ring truly stand apart. Click one of the metal choices below to add a liner to this band:

14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold  |  18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold  |  Palladium  |  Platinum  |  Tantalum  |  Silver


About the Square Band: Our customers are often quite surprised to find how comfortable our "square" band feels. Because the inside of the ring is perfectly round, and the outside is a rounded square, the ring naturally aligns itself so that the thinnest part of the ring is between your fingers. This section is actually thinner than the wall thickness of round bands and makes it super comfortable to wear. You will love turning this ring over and over to discover and enjoy the subtle nuances of the pattern design and unparalleled workmanship. Once you turn to the square side, you'll never go back!

Titanium and zirconium are lightweight, high-strength aerospace metals, making them extremely comfortable for those concerned with the weight of their ring. Using patented technology, Steven Jacob is the only company in the world making this unique metal combination. Starting with the two rich gray metals, we form and etch these rings and then use a molten salt bath treatment that transforms the surface of the zirconium into a black ceramic oxide. This is different than a chemical patina often used on jewelry, because the material is physically altered into a hard and durable surface. Variations of this process are used to create the strong bearing surfaces for many medical implants, and will not crack, chip or peel. Because the zirconium is acid etched before heating, the black lines are below the surface of the titanium which further protects from wear. The result is the hardest, most durable finish found on any ring.

The DARK BURL ring shown above is in our more rounded "Well Worn" style reminiscent of weathered driftwood. It is also available with crisp, radiused edges that gives the shape of the ring a clean, more formal look.

This ring is exactly what I wanted. It fits perfectly and feels great on my finger. I am extremely happy with my ring!! We also rush ordered the rings and we received them in time for our wedding. Very happy!
— J.E.