TWISTED WOOD | Contemporary Men's Wedding Band in Palladium, Silver and Tantalum

TWISTED WOOD | Contemporary Men's Wedding Band in Palladium, Silver and Tantalum

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This TWISTED WOOD band is a modern take on a classic Mokume design.  We've taken our finest Palladium and Silver woodgrain Mokume Gane and incorporated it into sleek single rail channel of Tantalum.  Tantalum is a favorite of ours not only for its natural dark graphite color, but also for it's many unique metallurgical qualities.  First, it is 99.99+% pure and has a luxurious heft, weighing in between 18K Gold and Platinum.  It is completely inert and is commonly used for medical implants which makes it ideal for anyone with metal sensitivities. Tantalum is as strong as steel, yet as ductile as pure gold. And because of its amazing qualities Tantalum finds many space age uses, from rocket nose cones and armor, to cell phone electronics.  There is no other metal like it for quality and durability, and no metal that offers a greater color contrast to silver, gold, or stainless steel Damascus.

These contemporary TWISTED WOOD bands are available in 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm widths for men and also in women's sizes and widths. A complimentary sizing band is provided to confirm your correct ring size for each Mokume band ordered. Please allow up to 6 week for the making and delivery of these special bands.

Note: The women's band with Tantalum liner is shown for illustration purposes only. Prices given are for a single men's band.

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Did you know that Silver is the only, truly white metal. That is why we use it in combination with a dark gray Palladium alloy and even darker Tantalum. Combined, these metals create a ring with incredible color contrast, enhancing the masculine look of this design. Unlike other Mokume rings on the market, the flow of the pattern is uninterrupted by solder seams cutting through the grain of the ring.

Tantalum is a very demanding metal.  We have worked with this metal for years trying to unravel the complexities of this unusual element and have pioneered its use for jewelry.  Hot forging of Tantalum must be done in a vacuum or under molten glass.  It is nothing short of nearly impossible to machine.  We think the extra effort is worth it though, and hope you will too.  As technology advances, you'll be hearing more and more about this metal.  Consider being one of the first to wear a ring crafted from this impressive metal.

Wow! Very beautiful and impressive works of art and engineering!
— G.L.