TERRA | Men's Square Platinum & 18K Gold Mokume Gane Ring

TERRA | Men's Square Platinum & 18K Gold Mokume Gane Ring

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The TERRA SQUARE Platinum and 18K Gold Mokume Gane wedding band is bold and masculine. The flowing organic patterns makes it look like it was shaped in the surf. We start with the same exclusive Mokume material used in our round TERRA bands. It is then re-forged and hand-worked to a handsome "rounded square" shape. Because material is cut away to create the "flats" of the square, distinctive pattern emerges on these bands. Each side shows unique and flowing pattern lines, suggesting fluid landscapes and natural materials.

TERRA SQUARE bands are available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm widths for both women and men. A complimentary sizing band is provided to confirm your correct ring size for each Mokume band ordered. Please allow up to 6 weeks for the delivery of these special rings.

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About the Square Band: Our customers are often quite surprised to find how comfortable our "square" band feels. Because the inside of the ring is perfectly round, and the outside is a rounded square, the ring naturally aligns itself so that the thinnest part of the ring is between your fingers. This section is actually thinner than the wall thickness of round bands and makes it super comfortable to wear. You will love turning this ring over and over to discover and enjoy the subtle nuances of the pattern design and unparalleled workmanship. Once you turn to the square side, you'll never go back!

TERRA SQUARE bands are seamlessly patterned and handcrafted from material that is created in-house. Making our own material gives us complete control over the design of the rings, as well as ensuring quality for you. Platinum is the most difficult precious metal to use for Mokume Gane. Its hardness, density, and high melting temperature all make it an extremely demanding metal to work. The results are well worth the effort though. You will be amazed at the "heft" of these bands and the sophisticated pairing of steely gray platinum and rich yellow gold. Mokume bands are, indeed, the perfect symbol of marriage- the joining of two distinct elements, fused and forged into one.  

I just got my ring, and I’ve got two words: Frickin’ Gorgeous! I put it in my drawer so I could concentrate on my work, but I can’t stop pulling it out every minute or so just to stare. Thank you so much.
— J.N.